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Hachi is the sensual, playful and feminine side of NORAS SS21 collection.

It was designed with the intention of enhancing your natural glow and uplifting your beautiful spirits.


Nana is the bold, brave and sexier side of NORAS SS21 collection.

It was designed with the intention of boosting your confidence and make you step out of your comfort zone.


NORAS is a sustainable contemporary women’s wear label that in each collection provides a collision of two opposing moods for women who dare to embrace their contradicting feelings, combined with a mission of moving towards a more sustainable business model within the fashion industry. At NORAS each collection consists of two diverse moods conceived from one inspiration. One sub-collection embraces the softer elements, with a feminine touch for the days when we feel elegant and witty. The other sub-collection encourages us to be brave and bold, intensifying the free-spirited, adventurous side of us further.


Fundamentally, the entire collection is designed with heart and soul to create garments that make us feel exquisite, stronger, and exceptionally confident, regardless of our ever-changing spirit after waking up in the morning.


The brand’s mission is to be part of a sustainability movement – one the fashion industry undeniably needs. NORAS is continuously seeking environmentally friendly alternatives at each stage of our production cycle. The manufacturing of our garments takes place in two countries, Denmark and Hungary, where our privately hired tailors are provided with the best possible working environment. Additionally, we operate with a minimum waste concept whereby all of the leftover textile scraps are reused to create hand-crafted, unique accessories.


Our material choices, packaging, and manufacturing are thoughtfully considered in order to be as gentle to our Earth as possible. Our fabric choices are 100% vegan and we are – as much as possible – working on reducing the usage of textiles that are proven to have a harmful impact on the environment.