NORAS debut collection’s inspiration comes from a Japanese manga/anime series called NANA. It is a slice of life story based on two women who meet on a train on their way to move their lives to Tokyo and by coincidence, they have the same name, are the same age, and on their way to the capital, in hopes to find a better future. Despite all of their similarities, these two females couldn’t have more different personalities. 

Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki is a beautiful young woman whose looks initiates that she is a tough rocker but she actually has a kind heart and is a devoted friend. Her life was very rough at times but despite the hardships, she never stopped polishing the shards of her dreams and stayed determined to be successful in life.  She looks at herself as a “stray cat, full of pride” however under all the hard shell, she has very deep emotions and is full of love. She is stubborn and dedicated to her favorite things. Nana has a sarcastic attitude and a blunt sense of humor, she can always make a joke out of herself. She is a vocalist in a punk band and shares a deep, passionate, spiritual love with their bassist. She is loyal, firm in her beliefs and she tries to face everything alone at first. Nana is a very strong woman who can stand her ground alone in every situation life presents. Nana is the bold and sexy side of NORAS SS21 collection. It was designed with the intention of boosting your confidence and making you feel braver.

Nana Komatsu / Hachi

Nana Komatsu, whose nickname is “Hachi”, is a slender and beautiful young woman who’s likely to be described as cute and playful. She is a nice and cheerful girl who has matured into a loving and caring grown lady as time has passed. One of her best traits is that she always walks with an open mind. She allows herself to learn a lot from the people she meets during her journey of growing up.  Hachi has a habit of falling in love at first sight but she also makes friends easily. She is blessed with an admirably innocent and extremely extroverted personality. She is witty and feminine, however, an also a little uncertain. She gets comfort from depending on other people but she also gains energy from helping people. She is great at lifting her and other people’s spirits too and has no bad bones in her body. Hachi is the sensual and feminine side of NORAS SS21 collection. It was designed with the intention of enhancing your natural glow and uplifting your beautiful spirits.


These two women could not be any more contradicting but they choose to move in together and form a beautiful friendship, where they perfectly complement each other and find harmony in their differences. They are undoubtedly soulmates and the unconditional love they have for one another indicates they could be family, or even the same spirit in two different bodies.

The brand NORAS was just as inspired by their story as the first collection. I have always been surrounded by people with very diverse personalities. We all complement each other and make each other better with our differences. We are learning from each other and see the growth spiritually when we share our intellectual thoughts. 

NORAS would like to focus on the harmony that can be found in the opposites. Fundamentally, the entire collection is designed with heart and soul to create garments that make us feel exquisite, stronger, and exceptionally confident, regardless of our ever-changing spirit after waking up in the morning.