NORAS OFFICIAL is a contemporary women’s wear brand that in each collection provides a collision of two opposing moods for women who dare to embrace their contradicting feelings, combined with a mission of moving towards a more ethical and sustainable business model within the fashion industry.


At NORAS each collection consists of two diverse moods conceived from one and the same inspiration. One sub-collection embraces the softer elements, with a feminine touch for the days when we feel elegant and witty. The other sub-collection encourages us to be brave and bold, intensifying the free-spirited, adventurous side of us further. Fundamentally, the entire collection is designed with heart and soul to create garments that make us feel exquisite, stronger, and exceptionally confident, regardless of our ever-changing spirit after waking up in the morning.


The brand’s mission is to be part of a sustainability movement – one the fashion industry undeniably needs. NORAS is continuously seeking environmental alternatives at each stage of our production cycle.


Sustainable choices are the only way forward to save our planet. NORAS would like to contribute to a stable future for the next generations. Our material choices, packaging and manufacturing are thoughtfully considered in order to be as gentle to our Earth as possible. Our fabric choices are 100% vegan and we are – as much as possible – working on reducing the usage of textiles that are proven to have a harmful impact on the environment. If you would like to know more about our sustainability approaches, you can press on the button below.


We are currently working with a made-to-order concept meaning that we only manufacture garments after placed orders. With this approach, we hope to decrease the contribution to the ever-growing waste issue within the fashion industry. The manufacturing of our products takes place in two countries, Denmark and Hungary, where our privately hired tailors are provided with the best possible working environment. Additionally, we operate with a minimum waste concept whereby all of the leftover textile scraps are reused to create unique accessories, hand-crafted by the designer Nora Toth herself.


The idea behind all garments starts their journeys, such as designing, pattern making, and sample manufacturing production in the city of Copenhagen as the designer is located in Denmark. All of these stages are made in-house by the designer herself. When all the prototypes have reached the final phase, the production proceeds to Hungary. Currently, we have one privately hired tailor who is manufacturing all the orders. She is working in her own workshop, in an environment where she feels comfortable. NORAS is prioritizing being an ethical fashion brand.


At NORAS the design determines the choice of vegan material, along with the goal of finding the most suitable and preferably environmentally friendly textiles for each garment. Currently, we source fabric in Hungary at family-owned manufacturers. We are working on reducing the use of materials that are proven to be harmful to our environment, however, unfortunately, we are still not completely sustainable. It is our mission to become better and be more environmentally friendly.


The founder and designer of NORAS Official is Nora Toth.

Nora was born and raised in Hungary, just a little outside of Budapest, and lived there until the age of 18 after she decided to move her life to Denmark to pursue a career in fashion. After graduating from Fashion Design and Business in Sønderborg in 2017, she moved to Copenhagen, however, her life led her into a different industry for several years, until 2020 when all signs directed her to go back to her roots and work within the fashion industry. That is when the idea of NORAS was developed and finally established. 

The brand’s concept resonates with Nora’s own challenge to balance her contradicting feelings and she has a personal mission to assist other beautiful women out there to be surrounded by the best possible energy every day.