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NORAS Official’s mission is to be part of a sustainability movement – one the fashion industry undeniably needs. NORAS is continuously seeking environmental alternatives at each stage of our production cycle. Additionally, we operate with a minimum waste concept whereby all of the leftover textile scraps are reused to create unique accessories, hand-crafted by the designer Nora Toth herself.

Our material choices, packaging and manufacturing are thoughtfully considered in order to be as gentle to our Earth as possible. Our fabric choices are 100% vegan and we are – as much as possible – working on reducing the usage of textiles that are proven to have a harmful impact on the environment. We are currently working with a made-to-order concept, meaning that we only manufacture garments after placed orders. Reason being is that we are avoiding mass-manufacturing and any extra unused and unloved items. Our packaging is also plastic free. Sustainable choices are the only way forward to save our planet, and NORAS would like to contribute to a stable future for the next generations.



The designer gathers inspirations and generates ideas at her residence in Copenhagen, Denmark. All the first steps of creating the collections are taking place at our personal workshop, beginning with researching the upcoming trends to the first sketches. The designer starts pattern making and sewing samples from scratch, making the ideas come alive. We are perfecting our designs and fit in-house, making our tailors job as simple as possible.



Once all the basic elements are prepared, from illustrations to mock-ups, everything travels to Budapest, Hungary. We use Hungarian companies to find the perfect textiles and hardwares that fit each collection. The material sourcing is based on the styles and the components of the garment and the textile. In order to succeed in our mission of making the fashion industry more ethical and sustainable we retain from using any kind of animal fibers, and we are also trying to cut down on using fabrics that are proven to be vigorously harmful to our environment.


Once all elements of the collection have been chosen, the designer hands over everything personally to our skilled and hardworking individual tailors based in Hungary. They create the final prototype that is being used for photoshoots. We are currently operating with a made-to-order concept, meaning we only produce more garments after the orders are placed. The material scraps are being saved during this process and being handed over to our designer together with the manufactured garments. The excess is being turned into unique accessories instead of going to waste. Everything is personally quality-controlled. Nora is making sure that every stitch, seam and hem is perfectly finished, in order to provide a garment that you can carry on wearing and loving for decades.

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Once the photoshoots are wrapped up, the collection is being uploaded online and ready to be purchased. Shipping time can take up to 1-2 weeks due to the made-to-order concept. Purchased orders are being packaged by the designer’s hands and being individually handled. We are using recycled mailers instead of plastic envelopes, in order to move forward a more sustainable world. We restrain from using any kind of plastic in our packaging.


The shipping departures from both Hungary and Denmark. Since we provide world-wide shipping, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we ship from the country that is closer to its final destination. (DISCLAIMER: Due to COVID-19 shipping is only departing from Hungary at the moment.)